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Deep Learning

This gallery contains examples of how to use the most common open-source Deep Learning frameworks with SWAN.
The notebooks are intended to be run using GPU resources.
To use GPU resources in SWAN, you need to:

  • Open a ticket with the SWAN team to get access to GPU resources
  • Use SWAN from
  • Select a software stack with GPU
  • Note, to get the latest version of the tools used here select the 'bleeding edge' software stack

Open this Gallery in SWAN

Getting started with Deep Learning

These notebooks implement a classifier for digit recognition using the MNIST dataset, it is a sort of "Hello World!" for Deep Learning.

Deep Learning and basic Data pipelines

These notebooks provide examples of how to integrate Deep Learning frameworks with some basic data pipelines using Pandas to feed data into the DL training step.
They implement a simple Particle classifier using different DL frameworks. The data is stored in Parquet format, which is a columnar format that is very efficient for reading, it is processed using Pandas, and then fed into the DL training step.

More advanced Data pipelines

These examples show some more advanced data pipelines, useful for training with large data sets. They show how to use the Petastorm library to read data from Parquet files with TensorFlow and PyTorch, and how to use the TFRecord format with TensorFlow.

Additional complexity with models and data

These examples implement the same particle classifier as in the previous examples, but with a more complex model and bigger data set.